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Software developer, systems administrator, crypto nerd, and generic all-purpose hacker.

About me

I've been working with technology for most of my life, longer than I can remember. At some point, I developed some serious interest in privacy and cryptography, which bled into my interest in technology. As such, I've fallen in love with information security, both defensive and offensive. Recently, I've been learning interesting things, and have been asked by quite a few people to share those things with them. Thus, I've finally made a site. I'm definitely not a designer, but I'm open to suggestions. If you have any constructive criticism on this site, feel free to shoot me an email!

My blog

I created the blog because MITRE requires an internet-accessible resource to use as a reference when assigning CVE IDs. I've recently discovered a couple of 0-days at my day job, so I decided to create a blog to fill the need for a reference for each of these vulnerabilities. I figure I'll probably use it for other things to. We'll find out. Check it out at Jeff's Blog.

CTF-style challenge

The challenge can be found over here on the challenge page. I don't remember exactly why I built it, but I've decided to keep it. It's just an old-school CTF-style challenge you can use to test your skills. If you beat the challenge, I'll add your name to the page! Additionally, the framework has a modular design and is available in a private github repository. If you beat the challenge, I'll add you as a contributor to the repo. You can then write your own module to be used as part of the challenge!